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The first time I walked into a yoga session, it was with one specific goal – I wanted to get more flexible so that my split leaps wouldn’t suck and so that I could stick my leg straight up into the air and hold it without my face contorting in distress.

Fast forward several months. I started to realise how much yoga was quietly filtering into other parts of my life. Rather than just being a beautiful stretch session, it started to affect other aspects of my life –breathing patterns changed (abdominal breathing what?) energy levels improved, and I grew in appreciation for the million ways that my body was connected.

Yoga is the best way I can create space when I feel stifled. It allows me to shift my focus into moving my body consciously rather than just watching thoughts streak through my head at a million miles an hour. It is so much more than stretching – it has become the way I reconnect myself to the world around me by bringing myself back to an honest, caring, mindful headspace.

I could go on all day. Yoga allows you to find the strength and the space that your body inherently has, and then it takes your body and connects it back to the mind, using the breath to be the bridge between the two. It realigns your thoughts and your body so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of the present movement.

Plus, it brings back the absolute joy of moving for the sole purpose of moving. If there is one thing I go crazy about, it is getting people to MOOOOOVE – jump, dance, stretch, run, swim, climb, dive, balance. DO IT – thank me later.